Tuesday, October 05, 2004

What’s Your Drug of Choice?

Depends on if you are attacking Coalition Troops or blowing yourself up.

Al-Sadr and his boys have been dealing in the streets of Iraq. Drugs to get the fighters pumped up to attack troops and barbiturates to calm down the suicide bombers. Drugs to finance their operations. Holy men indeed. Common street thugs are more like it.

Also of note is that there was talk of drug use by the terrorists in the spring, and only now the media is picking up the story, almost six months later.

Lt. Col. David Bellon, USMC, whose emails I often post here, had this to say about drug use in Fallujah this past spring:

Equally astounding is evidence that these "holy warriors" are taking drugs to get high before attacks. It true, as we pushed into the town in April many Marines came across drug paraphernalia (mostly heroin). Recently, we have gotten evidence of them using another drug BZ that makes them high and very aggressive. Cowards and hypocrites. They don't have the nerve to fight without calming their fear with drugs. Between highs, they are robbing people and raping young girls. Some jihad.

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