Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Music

"The Wreckers"!!!

Incredible album! These girls are very talented and there is a song on this album for everyone, whether you are a little country or a little bit pop. The highlights are "Leave the Pieces" and "The Good Kind", but every song on this album is great. Download the whole thing because you won't be disappointed.

Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp harmonize amazingly with each other and actually sound so much alike you really can't tell who is who without really listening. Great music and great lyrics as well. You'll forget these girls are both in their early 20's.

Got rid of the Dixie Chicks due to their political tirades? The Wreckers will fill that void quite nicely...

Photo Blogging

Figured it was the time to post some photo resto stuff just to prove that I am doing something besides playing Xbox.

Here is a before/after picture of a photo I redid for a friend. I cropped the picture which got rid of some of the most damaged areas, plus it made the scene less busy and directed your attention to the building.

I repaired the fence, put some grass in and retouched the faded parts, lovingly brick by brick...

Sunday, June 11, 2006


This week's Taste Like Chicken by the one and only Josh Alves!

Make sure to check out his blog to see his other art projects. Plenty of sketches this week.

3 AM...

...And for some reason I'm wide awake. So I guess this is as good a time to start blogging again.

It has come to light as of late that people I know actually read my little blog, so I guess I better start writing.

And what a week it has been. Work has been insane. A cruel, despicable monster has finally elimated. Forza Motorsports has made it into the Xbox collection, which in combination with Halo 2 on Live has crippled any desire to blog.

I've looked high and low to find a Dashboard Widget for the FIFA Word Cup that updates you with scores and news. Surprisingly, nothing yet...

Searched for X-Men (comic not movie) desktop backgrounds and found few of them as well.

The little buddy Esther weighs in on the ongoing discussion about how inappropriate My Space can be and on the general state of teenagers today.

The NHL Stanley Cup finals are on. The Edmonton Oilers versus the Caroline Hurricanes. Go figure. Yeah, I guess the NHL still exists. But do we care? I used to be the biggest hockey fan. I survived the '94 (was that the year) strike. Apparently not this one.

We'll get political for a second. I'm trying to figure out who to vote for to be Maine's next governor. Surprisingly, I found a Wikipedia article listing the candidates. Non of them look good, especially incumbent Democratic candidate John Baldacci. Is it too late for me to get the needed signatures to get on the ballot...

Alright boys and girls, this was a long rambling post, but at least I wrote something. It is now 4:00 AM. Too early to play Xbox?