Friday, October 01, 2004

Palesky Tax Cap

Does it seem like a good idea to vote for a citizen initiative that was created by a person that has been convicted of embezzlement, ruled mentally insane after robbing a bank, a has filed for bankruptcy numerous times?

Besides being a mother of two, a grandmother of four and a champion of tax reform, Palesky is a convicted embezzler and forger who rankles public officials and was once charged with bank robbery.

While she rails against soaring property taxes, the taxes on her house have gone down for two consecutive years, according to Topsham records. They have fallen $141, or 5.3 percent, to $2,479.

She has declared bankruptcy at least four times. She has sued her hometown a half dozen times. On the witness stand, she once accused a detective who had searched her house of "probably...going through my underwear drawer."

I hate to consider someone’s personal history when voting for a tax initiative, but given Palesky's spotty financial history, I tend to think that this is not a good plan for Maine. Something needs to be done, because people are being taxed out of their homes and Augusta needs a wakeup call, but this is not it.

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