Sunday, April 22, 2007

To Philly and back: Vacation Day 1

Hello all!!! We just got back a couple of days ago from our fabulous trip to Philadelphia, PA to see out friends, the Bookers. Kev, Ame and big K, thanks for everything. We had such a great time and we miss you guys already.

So, it was a great time, with horrible weather. But the company more than made up for the nasty conditions. Here we were going to Philly thinking we were going to have sun and 70's. We were wrong...

But I have tons to write about and not a lot of time tonight to get it all down, so I am going to break things up.

We left Saturday morning, bright and early with almost no incidents. I fell down the stairs the night before, so I was a little sore. I rarely fall down, unlike my wife, but for some crazy reason I took a tumble the night before we left. Nothing major though.

We spent Saturday in the car, with only a couple of stops on the way down. We made our destination in just over nine hours and got to see some really beautiful houses in a town called Buckingham.

After we got settled in, we had a bbq with the Bookers and some of the families that they live with. What a great time with good friends and good food!!! And I couldn't believe it, but we had a fire out in the backyard. No permit necessary! I can't even do that here in my beloved Bangor!

More to come later...

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