Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Philly Day 3

Monday brings Tut!!! The weather is horrible this morning. Here we are 700 miles from Maine and it is snowing. And Jess is sick to boot. So, the idea of riding the train in goes right out the window. So Dad decides we'll drive in. Oh the fun abounds.

The good news is, the drive in was relatively painless. We made a couple of errors in our map reading, but we got to the Franklin Institute ten minutes before we needed to and Dad got a parking spot real close.

The Tut exhibit was everything I hoped for and more. It was just amazing to see all these artifacts that I've been seeing in books for years right there before me in all their antiquated glory. The artifacts date from roughly 1350 B.C., and they were in amazing shape. Of course, I couldn't take pictures in the Tut exhibit, but I'll include some photos of what we saw.

This is a huge statue of Ankenaten, notably the pharaoh that outlawed polytheism in ancient Egypt and instituted monotheism. This was amazing to see. But, understandably, when I got a little too close, there was a security guard who cozied up to me. You can never be to careful...

After being blown away by the Tut exhibit, we checked out the rest of the Franklin Institute. We toured the Giant Heart and the Franklin Air Show.

When we were done at the Franklin, we headed back to our suite for a little rest. After a nap and a great dinner cooked by Mom, I went to a four hour graduate class with Kevin. And I actually learned some stuff. Amazing.

And to prove what a small world it is, when I went on a coffee run to the "Eagle's Nest" for some coffee, I ran into one of the kids from our church who is going to PBU. I had to do the old double take to make sure it was here before I made a real idiot out of myself.

Monday in a nutshell....

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