Monday, April 23, 2007

Philly Day 2

Sunday brought torrential rains and hazardous conditions. I've never been scared driving in heavy rain before, but I was nervous Sunday morning (and it wasn't your driving, Kev). Unlike Maine roads, which are beveled (hope that is the right word) to allow water and snow to run off, Pennsylvania roads are like bowls, and all the water collects in the middle. The hydroplaning was scary. Especially when you look at the other side of the highway and there are cars off the road, upside down on their roofs and there was even one that shot up the bank on the side of the road. Scary stuff.

But God is good and we got to our destination. We went to the Bacton Hill Bible Church with the Bookers, Grammy Quint, my in-laws and my lovely wife. Of course, I am supposed to be having some time off from leading worship, which I got, but when Kevin asked if I wanted to play with their worship group, I certainly couldn't pass up the opportunity to play.

After church, since the weather was so nasty, we went to the King of Prussia Mall, which was rather lackluster except for that an Apple Store, my Mecca, was held within the KoPM. And let there be no mistake, the Apple Store was amazing! Worth the trip to the stupid mall. Well, I guess I should include the girl's trip to Tiffany's. Thankfully, we made it out with out a little blue box :o)

And another thing, here I was in this colossal shopping mall, and there really wasn't anything different from the Portland, Maine mall or the mall in our quaint metropolis either. I was hoping for a really different experience, with exotic stores with cool stuff, and there were none. The comic store I went to was a sham compared to Top Shelf Comics right down town on Central Street in Bangor. All the names were the same. Gap, Ambercrombie, JC Penny, Macy's, it's all right here in Bangor. Okay, enough ranting about the mall...

Sunday night consisted of having dinner at the house of a childhood friend of Jess'. What a great time. The whole clan got to catch up. We had a great meal and I got to extol the greatness of Apple computers (there were three there to play on) and laud Acadia National Park, so it was all good.

There is Sunday in a nutshell. Great day but very long and tiring.

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