Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Margaret Hassan Likely Dead

Her kidnappers have likely killed the British-Iraqi aid worker, but conclusive evidence has yet to be found. If her abductors have killed her, it will be a real tragedy. Here is a woman that has dedicated her life to helping people, and more recently the people of Iraq.

I hope this is a wake up call to any in Iraq that think these cowardly insurgents have their best interest in mind (as if their was any doubt that they don't). These pigs kill because they can. They attack innocents because their tools are fear and the threat of death to their victims. These cowards are no match for the military, so the attack civilians.

However, joint U.S and Iraqi operations are continuing to rid the country of the insurgents. In Fallujah, 1,000 –2,000 insurgents have been killed, and 1,000 have been detained, and troops are further consolidating their control of the city. Conditions are stabilizing in Mosul.