Monday, November 15, 2004

American Music Awards

I wasted several hours last night watching one of the worst award shows ever. Most of the performances were very disappointing. Highlights included performances by Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys, and Maroon 5, and awards going to Toby Keith, Linkin Park, Sheryl Crow, and Alicia Keys. Even Snoop Dog was pretty good. Jessica Simpson belted out her single “With You”, demonstrating that she is definitely the more talented of the Simpson girls.

Gwen Stefani, who I usually adore, was appalling in her ruffled white skirt and white stockings performing her new single, “What You Waiting For?” Maybe she shouldn’t have stepped out without No Doubt. The song is hideous, and her performance not much better.

However, the truly tragic portion of the show last night was Anna Nicole Smith. Anna, though looking fabulous, was completely out of her mind. She could hardly string together words to make a coherent sentence. Kimmel was funny when he suggested she stay out of Snoop’s “brownies” (a skit from earlier in the evening), but the fact she was even let on stage in her condition is sad. There needs to be a major intervention by the Hollywood Elite, or maybe even her friends (you’d think), or she is going to end up dead, which would be a shame.

You can find a full list of last nights winners here (if you really want to).