Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Unit: Play 16

This was the highly anticipated follow up to the now infamous "They Killed Hector" episode (actually "Five Brothers").

Jonas seeks revenge for the murder of his fallen colleague as the Unit has to keep moving forward on another mission. The team embarks on a new assignment when Bob Brown has to deal with a rescued journalist at the same time as keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't betray the Unit. Jonas plunges back into the underworld of Beirut, seeming hell-bent on finding the men responsible for Williams’ death.

Now unless there is more espionage to come, there was no hidden agendas by Ryan or anyone else, just a terrorist sniper that took down our beloved Hector. The ol' Snake Doctor took care of business though, first by welding the huge plow on the front of the deuce an a half, then hiding a gun to take out his so called friends when they turned. Even Crocodile Dundee would have said, "Now this is a knife". Don't cross Jonas...

Now when most people decide to leave a show there is news somewhere, like Jorja Fox leaving CSI or that guy who played Speedle on CSI: Miami (He left to pursue a lucrative movie career. So how is that working out for ya...). But, no news on Demore Barnes, so either he didn't want to leave and they killed him off anyway (writer's strike anyone) or he left under bad terms. But considering how "dead" he had to be in the last episode, he did an amazing job.

We'll see if any info surfaces after sweeps.

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Anonymous said...

We love the show and hate to see our beloved characters go ( too close to real life, you see) but William's passing can be classified as "art" imitating "life".
Demore Barnes, we wish you well and we'll be looking for you in future stuff.Good Job,my friend and Good Luck.