Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm Back!

The long, dry trek through the broadband-less wasteland is officially over!

What I thought was going to be a week turned out to be a whole lot longer. But, I have faster download speeds than I had before and I'm saving a ton of money!!!

Plus I'm going local and stickin' it to the man...

A lot has happened since I last blessed the internet with my thoughts (probably there aren't any readers left to peruse my pages...).

Buck Owens, Stanislaw Lem, Judy Blume, and Kasper Weinberger all died.

An Afghan Christian was on trial because he converted to Christianity. Off with his head (isn't that the answer to everything...).

The DaVinci Code is on trial being sued by Michael Baigent, the same man who just released his book The Jesus Papers. Baigent claims to have proof that Jesus denied his own divinity, didn't die on the cross and resurrect from the dead, and went on to live a long life on this earth with his wife Mary Magdelene. Uh-huh. Right. A long rant is coming on this one, just getting together some materials.

But here is the big story to lead off the triumphant return to blogging: Psycho kitty terrorizes neighbors.

The persecuted kitty's blog might go something like this:

March 30, 2006,

Day 206 of captivity. Implemented Plan Delta as the strange lady that brings horrible smelling fluids into the house approached bringing more foul torture devices to torment me, much to my captor's delight.

I taught her a thing or two. But for some reason I can't go out of the house lately...

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