Monday, September 27, 2004

Ted Kennedy Rips Bush and U.S. Troops

Ted Kennedy, the Godfather of Liberals, is going to use a speech today at George Washington University to attack President Bush. Here are some of his quotes:

"The greatest danger we face in the days and weeks and months ahead is a nuclear 9/11, and we hope and pray that it is not already too late to prevent," he says. "The war in Iraq has made the mushroom cloud more likely, not less likely."

Yeah, I hear Iran is planning on making some nukes, again defying a U.N. order. What is John Kerry going to do to stop that? Close his eyes and hope that the can’t get a bomb to Massachusetts. Teddy is apparently giving them the green light to nuke us.

"I thank God that President Bush was not our president at the time of the Cuban missile crisis," Mr. Kennedy will tell the students. "Even after 9/11, it is wrong for this president or any president to shoot first and ask questions later."

I thought the terrorists shot first. Hence the planes going into the Twin Towers, killing thousands of innocent Americans. According to Ted, I guess we were wrong.

And U.S. Troops aren’t free from blame either:

Mr. Kennedy praises American troops for their execution of the war, but, at another point in his speech, he says their errant bombs are sparking the insurgency. The speech also insinuates that Mr. Bush is keeping American troops from doing the hardest job of going after insurgents in remaining pockets, postponing it until after the Nov. 2 presidential election.

"Whole cities are considered 'no-go' zones for our troop — presumably to avoid even greater casualties until after the election," he says. "We continue to use so-called 'precision' bombing in Iraq, even though the bombs can't tell whether it's terrorists or innocent families inside the buildings they hit."

U.S. Troops’ errant bombs are to blame for the insurgents. I thought it had something to do with Islamic Radicals whose business is hate, fear, and cowardice.

Remember, Chapaquitic Ted has proof. 110 proof. And he’s John Kerry’s mentor to boot. Everything Kerry has learned, he learned from Ted. A very scary thought.

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