Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Modified Limited Hangout

The Wall Street Journal’s lead editorial puts together the incriminating threads of the CBS memo debacle. Also check out The Washington Post’s “Questions Surround Man Who Provided” and USA Today’s ”CBS Backs Off Guard Story". Via Power Line.

It’s interesting that as soon as the “All Seeing Eye” network released the apology from Rather and the CBS News for supposedly being “misled” by the forged memos that the other big networks jumped on the bandwagon and started reporting that the memos are fakes and that Rather stood by them, knowing he couldn’t authenticate them. I was watching the Today Show on NBC and they had a blurb about Rathergate on their headlines segment. MSNBC.com has an article available where you can watch an interview with John “Hindrocket” Hinderaker of Power Line.

Make sure you check out Power Line for a full run down of the latest Rathergate developments and some excellent questions that need to be addressed by CBS.

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