Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Killian Memos: "Rathergate"

The fallout continues from Dan Rather’s stubborn resistance to actually admit that the memos are fake and that CBS has been duped.

Lots of stuff on the Killian memos in the media today.

Johan Goldberg on Dan Rather going the way of the dinosaur.

Jim Geraghty from NRO’s Kerry Spot on Rather’s lame second defense of the memos.

James Taranto’s (Opinion Journal’s Best of the Web) take on Rathergate.

The Washington Post’s Michael Dobbs and Howard Kurtz on how Marcel Mately didn’t authenticate the memos as CBS had cited.

John Podhoretz on CBS' Big Blunder. (Link Courtesy Hugh Hewitt)

And I could go on…

Some entertainment has come out of this fiasco as well.

Check out two new documents that have come to light (funny stuff) here and here.

As always check out Hugh Hewitt, Powerline, Little Green Footballs, and a host of others. Hugh points out some new posts of importance to check out:

New posts of importance on the CBS melt-down at RatherBiased, Betsy'sPage, Aaron's Rantburg, Blackfive, RedState, CommandPost, Powerline, LGF, KerrySpot, Instapundit, and many others.

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