Monday, February 18, 2008

Knight Rider

Knight Rider is back, but is it better? Getting an update with a new car and new actors, the cheese grating is still high with this one and the only thing that saved the 2 hour "movie" premiere was the brand-spankin'-new Ford Shelby GT500 KR Mustang. Highlight of the whole show.

Now, let us hearken back a couple of decades to the original show. Still, despite or in spite of the Hoff, the acting was nothing to write home about, but how cool was it that the car talked and did all those really cool things that K.I.T.T. did.

Well, nothing changes in 2008. The car was cooler than ever though, being able to camouflage itself as any Ford Mustang Product, heal itself with nan0-technology, and go insanely fast. Val Kilmer was also a highlight as K.I.T.T., giving the car a great personality touch.

As for the rest of it, I don't have any desire to IMDB all the names that are in this. Just know that some of the leads get an upgrade from soap stars to NBC stars.

Now, time for the real rant here, and that is about NBC. What is up with all the commercials? Are you guys so desperate to sell air time that you stretch a show that might be an hour and fifteen minutes at best into a two hour extravaganza by having 45 minutes of commercials? Five minutes of show, seven minutes of ads.

And NBC did this during American Gladiators as well. How irritating...

As for Knight Rider, I give it a three out of ten.

Hopefully it will get better. But the car is really cool...

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Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.
Much love to the Bloods!!!