Monday, January 14, 2008

Hillsong- Saviour King

It is rare when you find an album that not only inspires your own personal worship time, but can be easily translated into a congregational singing experience, but Hillsong has delivered another standout. This is one of the best Praise and Worship albums I have come across.

While the songs are strong scripturally, they are simple enough to learn and sing along with, whether by yourself or in a group. "You Are My Strength", "Lord of Lords" and "Saviour King" are three highlights that I have already pulled the music from CCLI to add to our song book at church.

Darlene Zschech and her group do an amazing job blending the Hillsong youth sound with the regular Hillsong sonics to produce an album that is going to have wide reaching appeal with youth as well as those of us who are a little, well, "seasoned".

I've ordered the DVD of the concert where this album is recorded. So I'll follow up with a review of that when I get it.

This is an amazing album that anyone will find accessible, whether you are communing with God during a quiet time or during congregational worship at church. A must for any worship leader.

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