Saturday, January 19, 2008


I am a very fortunate man, with a wonderful wife. She got me onto a VIP list which got me into a free midnight showing of "Cloverfield" on Thursday. And for an old guy like me, that was really late. But, oh, it was worth it.

The J.J. Abrams produced film is probably one of the most unique films I have ever seen. Part "Blair Witch Project", part "Godzilla", part "Aliens", this is a short but sweet thrill ride.

I'm still trying to figure out what kind of movie this is. Is it a monster movie or a love story. I'm tending toward a love story that just happens to feature a large sea creature that finds itself in New York with time on its hands. And a need for destruction.

The film centers around our main character Rob, who has taken a VP job in Japan. What follows is his buddy Hud with a handy cam filming his going away party, getting all his well-wishing friends on tape. Then all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose, starting with head of Lady Liberty landing in the street outside Rob's apartment building.

Just like most of J.J. Abrams projects, you are left with more questions than answers. Why is the creature destroying mid-town Manhattan? We don't know. It just is. And that is okay. Rob finds his motivation and drive for the film as he and his friends try to survive the onslaught in Mid-Town, and reach his romantic interest Beth who is trapped in her apartment across town.

The monster is well, just amazing. Director Matt Reeves and the writing crew do an amazing job at teasing us with the creature, because you never really get a good glimpse of it, just quick shots as it takes out a building or it gets bombed. Adding to the mayhem are German Shepard sized parasites that live on the creature. As the beast exits the sea, these spider-like bugs take a bite out of Manhattan as well. Mix all these elements together and you get some very intense scenes. The subway scene was my fave.

A word of warning though, if you have any kind of motion sickness at all, you might want to take your Dramamine before you go. Rarely do you get a still shot with this movie. Sure this movie is professionally done, but the vantage point is a man carrying a video camera. I have no motion issues at all, and even my stomach dropped a couple of times. I also found sitting leaning to the left at about a 30 degree angle with my head resting on my hand helped...

This is a novel film that is worth watching more than once. I can't wait to go see it again.

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