Friday, April 07, 2006

Katie Couric look alike?

As most of the world probably knows by now, Katie Couric, "America's Sweetheart", is leaving the NBC Today show to anchor the CBS News, and Meredith Vieira has been chosen as her successor.

Is anybody else completely irritated by this? I've talked to plenly of Today Show faithful's that are. What was NBC thinking? Why not hire from within?

Because they were looking for a Katie Couric doppleganger, and they found it with Vieira. Do these two look a lot alike, or is it just me?

What about these other talented women that already work for NBC and in particular, the Today Show?

I have been saying for years that Ann Curry should be the co-anchor with Matt Lauer. Ann and Matt have a great chemistry. Why wasn't she given the nod? Natalie Morales would also be a great choice. Campbell Brown, who co-anchors with Lester Holt on the weekends was passed up why? Because they wanted another bouncy blond to try and lure morning viewers? I watch the Today Show despite Katie Couric, not because of her.

Vieira, whose recent gigs include "The View" and "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", isn't going to be half the news prescence at NBC that Couric was.

A poor choice in my opinion.

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