Friday, May 02, 2008

Iron Man Review

I got a chance to get into Iron Man on Thursday night. And all I have to say about this movie is, "WOW!"

I have to confess, with all the hype and previews of Marvel Comic's latest film project, I was a little nervous. Were we getting all the good shots in the trailers? Is Robert Downey Jr. going to be as witty as is being proclaimed? Is Jon Favreau really the guy to make a film about our favorite adventuring gazillionare? Can there be a good movie with Gwenyth Paltrow? The resounding answer to these questions is YES!

Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, an extremely rich inventor that has made his money from making things that go, "boom". He is captured by insurgents and to escape, Iron Man is born. Downey Jr. does an amazing job. Quick, witty and sarcastic, he embodies everything that the Tony Stark I know from the comics I read of long ago is, including being a womanizer and Alcoholic. He is perfect for the part.

And Jon Favreau has put to rest any talk that he isn't an action movie guy. This film was beautifully done with great looks and smart scenes. The CGI for this movie, done by Lucasfilm, was seamless, just like seeing Iron Man walk up to you and I in downtown Bangor. The guys who wrote the film wove an intriguing tale that holds you from start to finish. Having to draw from years of history, they did a wonderful job taking you on a journey that shows who Tony Stark is, how he becomes IM, his experimentation with the suit, and then battling the bad guy in a tour de force ending.

Oh, and make sure you stick around after the credits for a little special treat!

Great movie and well worth the price of admission. Several times. Buying the comic tie-in. Getting some toys...

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