Thursday, January 11, 2007

Zune R.I.P.

While Microsoft, already behind in the hand held multi-media department, might be trying to make a fight of it by releasing their beloved Zune in a vein attempt to challenge the iPod by offering a music player with video capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity, is now definitely going to be laid to rest by the release of Apple's new iPhone.

Now to mention it, it actually took several tries to get to Zune's webpage from the Microsoft homepage. It just didn't work right (no surprise there), and finally had to take four extra steps to get where I wanted to go.

Apple once again is a trend setter and the leader of the revolution by revolutionizing the phone.

Oh sure, you can buy phones that you can type on with a cheap little keyboard and play music on, but Apple is going to lead the way again by offering a phone, MP3 player, Wi-Fi connectivity, video player and an internet browser all in one compact package. Plus, it is all touch screen.

Watching a video? Hold it upright to watch it portrait style, and then simply turn the device on its side and the video goes wide screen automatically. No buttons to push. No commands to type in. It is intuitive, like all of Apple's products.

I'm just scratching the surface with what this new phone can do. It runs on Mac OS X and has Safari built right in to browse with. Amazing!

The only problem Apple will run into with this product (besides licensing the name) is if they price it too high, because right now the Mrs. and I are trying to figure out to get a pair when they are finally released.

All right, maybe I'm the only one scheming how to get paid for some medical experiments to get an iPhone..

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